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Terms and Conditions
**Proper Attire is Required**
SignOn ASL Learners are required to wear a shirt that contrasts with their skin color to provide visual clarity for signing sessions. Additionally, hair should be cleared off of the face with no sunglasses or hats worn. Appropriate leg cover (pants, shorts or skirt) is expected.

**Proper Video Etiquette**
Proper video etiquette is part of the SignOn ASL Learner agreement. ASL Learners must have a strong, solid Internet connection. ASL Learners should be centered and easily visible on the screen with an appropriate light source (i.e. overhead light, lamp, etc.). This service is a tool to practice American Sign Language skills, therefore, strong language or yelling is not permitted. Mutual respect is required for both the ASL Learner and the Deaf ASL Ambassador. This includes basic courtesies, such as choosing appropriate topics for discussion, and the understanding that if a Deaf ASL Ambassador feels a conversation is negative, invasive or abusive in any way they may terminate the call with no subsequent refund provided. Part of polite ASL Learner responsibility is respecting privacy. No personal information should be shared or solicited during sessions (i.e. phone numbers, address, email accounts, etc.). Session questions should stay off of personal topics and plans cannot be made to meet with Deaf ASL Ambassador. No requests for a sign names should be made. Sessions are specifically intended for individuals. Inviting others to join your session are grounds forfeiting the session. The only exception to the individual session rule is for minors partaking in a session with a family member. Adults must be present when minors are in a session individually.

**Proper Web Browser**
SignOn strongly recommends that Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer are used as your choice web browser. Note that Safari does not support the SignOn portal and sessions missed due to using Safari will not be refunded.

**Quality Assurance**
Your session, including text and video, may be monitored and recorded for quality assurance.

**Technical Difficulties**
SignOn recognizes that technical difficulties and life emergencies can occur without warning at any time. Subsequently, it is our policy to reschedule an individual's session should a session be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. In the case of technical difficulties on the part of our Deaf ASL Ambassador, delays of 5 minutes or less, will result in 5 minutes being added to your next session. If the delay is 6 minutes or more, your next session will be free. This does not include a cancellation due to inappropriate behavior. All sessions terminated due to unacceptable behavior are non-refundable and a flag will be placed on the account. If an account receives 2 flags, the account will be automatically deleted without a refund of all remaining purchased sessions.

**Privacy Policy**
Information collected on SignOn will not be shared with 3rd parties. Additionally, the information collected will only be used to process payments and to provide ASL Learners with their usernames and passwords.

**Process for Storing Credit Card Information**
To avoid storing your credit card information, SignOn has partnered with to securely process your payment.

**Payment Terms**
All payments made to SignOn must be submitted and approved prior to scheduling a session(s).

**Refund Policy**
All purchases are non-refundable.

**Expiration of Sessions Purchased**
SignOn session purchases must be scheduled within a calendar year of the purchase date. ASL Learners with time remaining on their account within 30 days of their expiration date will receive a reminder notice.

**Cancellation Policy**
SignOn requires a minimum 48-hour cancellation notice to reschedule a session. Any ASL Learner who fails to provide a 48-hour notice will lose that purchased session.

**General Disclaimer**
SignOn is provided for information and educational purposes only; it is not a licensed professional teaching site. Deaf ASL Ambassador contracted by the company are not professional educators. Outcomes for clients may vary. Some views and opinions of our SignOn Ambassador do not necessarily represent those of SignOn. SignOn will make every attempt to provide accurate information and update any information, as needed. SignOn cannot guarantee that all information is 100% accurate at all times.